How to flirt and how to seduce -- flirt,

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 How to flirt and how to seduce ,  how to pick-up and win women...


 I’ve developed some fool-proof seduction techniques.  No matter what you look like, my seduction techniques can apply to anyone – in bars, in restaurants, in schools, in shopping centers, in chat rooms, at work, at the beach or even in the street.


This book goes straight to the heart of the matter.  I’ll tell you what women really like and don’t like, and what you should say and shouldn’t say.


For the first two minutes of an initial meeting, you’ll know what to say, how to say it, what to do and how to put these techniques into practice.


  After having read this book, believe me, you’ll become an irresistible seducer with more confidence in yourself than you could have ever imagined, It will be our little secret.

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